Samsung Departments

Samsung DepartmentsSamsung are the worlds leading provider of mobile phones, but they also produce many more electrical products.They are an extremely large organisation, offering support for thousands of different products.So where do you go if you need to contact the Samsung helpline for assistance with one of your devices? This article will examine the different departments within Samsung to help you find the right place to go for help. They are now believed to be one of the most contacted companies in the world, thanks to the Samsung contact number.

Mobile Devices

If you need a repair or any advice operating one of the many smartphones or tablets that Samsung produce, you will need to contact their mobile devices department. This department can also offer advice regarding where to buy accessories for your device or assist you with upgrading the software on it when the time comes.

TV, Audio or Video

You will need to speak to this department if you have an issue with your Samsung TV, Blu-Ray Player, home cinema, MP3 or MP4 player or audio system. You can contact them with anything from getting started with a new product to troubleshooting problems with an existing product. They can also help you organise repairs, whether covered by warranty or not, if necessary.

Camera or Camcorder

This department can assist you with any issue you might have in regard to your Samsung camera or camcorder. This department can also offer advice in regard to lenses, namely which would suit your product and usage most and the maintenance of them.


Samsung offers many computing products, including; notebook computers, chrome devices, tablet PCs, desktops, monitors, printers and accessories. It can be very frustrating when our technology lets us down, but contacting the computing department at Samsung can help, They can help you maintain your product, covering software installation and updates, backing-up and recovering essential data and repairs.


We carry around a lot of treasured items with us today; music, photos and videos all stored on our memory cards. If you need any advice as to which card to use with your mobile device or PC, or need any assistance with a card that you already own, this is the department to contact.

Home Appliances

Samsung produce a full range of household appliances, including; fridges, cookers, dishwashers, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. When these items stop working it can make life really difficult, but contacting the Samsung Customer Support Centre and speaking to this department can help you organise a repair quickly and efficiently.