Samsung – 0843 487 1854

Samsung Phone NumberSamsung is a renowned global conglomerate with strong presence in U.K. The company sells a variety of products ranging from home appliances to mobile phones, and from encoders & decoders to software. It has a strong customer services team to handle calls people make to the Samsung contact number.

Samsung Phone Number

Samsung UK has a single point contact number for technical enquiries. The line is open from 9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Customers are advised to contact the distributor from where they purchased the product as the first line of seeking assistance or support, and call the helpline only if they are unable to resolve the query at the distributor. The Samsung customer service may not offer an immediate resolution to the issue, but usually contacts the customer promptly to offer resolution. 

The Samsung customer support is organized on the basis of their product range. The product range is categorised into mobile phones, TV/Audio/Video devices, Smart Cameras and Camcorders, Notebooks/Display devices, Print Solutions, Home Appliances, and Memory Storage devices. Customers need to identify their product, and have the product and purchase details ready when initiating contact with Samsung customer services. Customers would also need to provide their contact details, for the customer details to call back.

Samsung Phone NumberReasons for Calling Samsung Helpline

Customers contact Samsung customer services for a variety of reasons. The major reasons are to seek help in troubleshooting the device, make an online service request, track repairs, manage warranties or seek information on warranties, or for technical information related to the product. Customers may also call the Samsung helpline to find the location of their nearest Samsung service centre, to take their product for repair. 

Many people call Samsung phone number to register complaints regarding Samsung products or services offered at various Samsung facilities. Most of such complaints relate to replacement of defective products, cost of repairs, and coverage of warranty. 

Calling Samsung contact numbers usually deliver results. Very often, the customer support team provides guidance for the customer to resolve the issue by themselves, or directs the customer to an appropriate online or offline resource. In case it is not possible for the customer to resolve the issue by themselves, the customer service either offers a resolution themselves, or redirect the customer to the appropriate department or service centre. Samsung customer services team is under the direct supervision of the executive management, and usually process all queries and complaints efficiently, in a time-bound manner.